Cudos to Apple

It was either late 2006 or late 2007 my brother in law bought his girlfriend a IPod nano. He paid $250 for it and after he got it he realized that for only $50 more here could have gotten a 30th iPod instead of the 4gb nano. He couldn’t return it because he had it engraved so he asked mange if I wood buy it from him for the discounted price of $200. This was before I had decided that Apple was the evil empire so I bought it. I used it up until 2010 when I bought a new mp3 player. I kept the nano and let my oldest daughter have it. Then late last year I received an email from Apple starting that the battery might blow up if I didn’t send it in for replacement, so I did.
Today I received my replacement and much to my surprise it was a newer model of the nano and it was a 8gb model. It’s still a generation or two old but that’s better than the 6 year old one that I had. Thanks Apple, stories like this just may help to repair the career ruining, don’t give a care, terrible customer service reputation that you’ve built over the years.

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