Making A Change

I’m making a pretty big change in my technology usage. I’m moving from a laptop to a tablet for my personal computing use. I’ve been wanting a tablet for a while because of the smaller footprint and less weight to carry around. I like the flexibility of a tablet as well. They can do most things that a laptop can do and there are lots of apps to choose from that work better on a tablet than a phone. Our also gives me the conscience of an e-reader which I’ve wanted for a while and its better since I’m not limited to specific book formats.

Of course you have to be careful when you download apps. The potential for malicious behavior, poor coding and compromise are just around the corner. Hmm, sounds like the same problems PC’s have with software from major vendors. This will be interesting as I work through the change and make the required adjustments. I’ve been at it for just over a week and so far so good. Let’s just hope that it stays good. This thing cost to much to toss aside.

So far I’ve only real issue had been with some web pages not rendering properly. It’s not too bad and only happens on some pages. If any one else has made the switch is love to hear your stories, good and bad.

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